Travel Diary: Europe, 2018

4.9.2018: Sydney to London
5.9.2018: London

6.9.2018: Canterbury, UK
7-9.2018: London City

8.9.2018: Greenwich, UK
8.9.2018: Goodwood Revival
9.9.2018: London

10.9.2018: Trip to Edinburgh
11.9.2018: Edinburgh

12.9.2018: Glasgow, Scotland
Stirling, Scotland
13.9.2018: Inverness, Scotland
Loch Ness, Scotland
14.9.2018: Train To Leeds, UK
15.9.2018: York, UK
16.9.2018: Leeds, Scarborough, UK
17.9.2018: Liverpool, UK
18.9.2018: Otley, Dawes, Grassington, Appleby-in-Westmoreland, UK
19.9.2018: Carlisle, UK
20.9.2018: Lake District, UK
21.9.2018: Hurworth, Whitby, UK
22.9.2018: Goathland, Robin Hoods Bay, UK
23.9.2018: Coverntry; UK
24.9.2018: Stratford-Upon-Avon; The Cotswolds, UK
25.9.2018: Cardiff and Swansea, Wales
26.9.2018: Aberfan, Merthyr Tidfil, Blaenavon, Wales
27.9.2018: Bath, UK
28.9.2018: Abergavenny, Llangollen, Wales
29.9.2018: Wilmslow, UK
30.9.2018: Manchester, UK
1.10.2018: Skipton, Bolton Abbey, UK
2.10.2018: Beverley, UK
3.10.2018: Beverley, UK
4.10.2018: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK
5.10.2018: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
6.10.2018: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
7.10.2018: Rotterdam, Gouda, Utrecht, The Netherlands
8.10.2018: Cologne, Germany
9.10.2018: Nuremberg, Germany
10.10.2018: Salzburg, Austria
11.10.2018: Salzburg, Austria
12.10.2018: Innsbruck, Austria
13.10.2018: Zurich, Switzerland
15.10.2018: Milan, Italy
16.10.2018: Venice, Verona, Italy
17.10.2018, Turin, Italy
18.10.2018: Bologna, Modena, Italy
19.10.2018, Cremona, Italy
20.10.2018: Genoa, Italy
21.10.2018, Cinque Terre, Italy
22.10.2018: Pisa, Italy
23.10.2018, Florence, Italy
24.10.2018: Singapore

Join Stephen and Rona Yarrow, and Steve and Debbie Hall, as they trek around England, Wales and Scotland during September 2018. In the first week of October they took the ferry to Amsterdam, then travelled by train through Germany, Austria and Switzerland on their way to northern Italy. There was a lot to see in a very short time, but somebody had to do it!

For something a little different in London we did "The Monopoly Walk" in which you visit every place on the Monopoly board and take a photo of yourself to prove you've been right around the board.

The idea of doing the trip began when I said to Debbie and Steve, "Let me take you down 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields". Debbie responded by saying, "Can we also go to Appleby? I want to see where the Appleby dynasty began". Rona concurred by singing, "We're all someone's daughter, we're all someone's son" and Steve jumped at the opportunity to don his scarf and beanie and head off to Goodwood to watch some old fashioned motor racing.

Befgore the trip, we were bombarded with tips on everything from how to sleep during a long distance flight to the best place to get a coffee in Paris (not very useful, unfortunately, because we were not going to Paris). Thank you everyone for your contributions! So what was on our list of things to see and do? For Rona and Stephen there was a little Deja Vu as we catch up with friends and relatives, and show off some familiar places (like the place where I had my first brush with The Law at the age of seven) to our First Timer friends.

We sampled Yorkshire Pudding in Yorkshire, Wensleydale Cheese in Wensleydale, Bolognese Sauce at Bologna and Ferraris at Modena. On the way we visited the village in Austria where the Christmas Carol "Silent Night" was written and first performed; saw the Cutty Sark - the most famous 19th century clipper that brought wool from Australia to Britain; tracked down Jack The Ripper in the back lanes of London, and Steve and Debbie went Nessie hunting on Loch Ness.

We also took a glance at Lady Godiva as she rides through Coventry 'au natuale'; checked out Ann Frank's house; drop in for tea with William Shakespeare; pop by the homes of numerous composers, including Handel and Mozart (though none of them were home), and saw if the hills of Austria were still alive with the Sound of Music ... plus a whole lot more.

- Stephen Yarrow

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